The Path to Greener Tomorrow - European Declaration on Cycling

Yesterday, the European Council, the Commission and the Parliament jointly signed the European Declaration on Cycling, marking the official adoption of the first inter-institutional policy on cycling at European level, thus recognizing cycling as a full mode of transport.
With eight core principles and 36 commitments, it describes cycling as one of the "most sustainable, accessible and inclusive, low-cost and healthy forms of transport and recreation", highlighting its key importance for European society and economy.

"We recognise cycling's myriad benefits: it reduces pollution, eases urban congestion, and promotes healthier lifestyles. Moreover, cycling is a cornerstone of the European industry, driving innovation and growth while creating high-quality local jobs. Embracing cycling aligns with the EU's industrial strategy and its objectives." - Commissioner for Transport, Adina Vălean, said. 

By unlocking the benefits of cycling, this initiative has the potential to impact millions of European citizens positively.

Adopting this approach lays out a roadmap for further coordinated action to promote cycling as a sustainable and inclusive mode of transport for all Europeans.

The Declaration is available here.