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Investments in cultural and historical tourist sites

The joint efforts of partners on both sides of the border to preserve the cultural heritage and develop the tourist potential of the cross-border region Bulgaria - Serbia were supported with 1,856,844 euros invested in the reconstruction and construction of a house-museum of Diko Iliev and the brass musicians, "Museum of Kuker Masks" in Kosharevo village as a tourist site in the Vidrishte region, reconstruction and modernization of the community center in Gabrov dol village, reconstruction of the People's Community Center "Georgi Sava Rakovski - 1928" in Dragovishtitsa village, reconstruction of the road Pridvoritsa - Zeletovo in Boinik municipality, improving the infrastructure and the road to the Cave Monastery in Municipality of Zemen, conservation, restoration, reconstruction and exhibition of museum objects - old grade school from 1848 and Tunyakovski Inn from 1820 in Vidrare village, conservation and exhibition of the church "Holy Virgin" from the 14th century in Osikovitsa village, preparation and implementation of museum expositions in the Old Class School and Tunyakovski Inn in Vidrare village, interactive exposition of the cultural and historical heritage in the town of Pirdop, restoration and conservation of the early Christian basilica "Castra ad Montanesium" in Montana.